Linda yoga


Welcome to Linda yoga.
I want to enjoy yoga with you.
Don’t be worried if you are a beginner , or if you can’t speak Japanese .
I have a yoga class for beginners and woman over 40 years old  .
( Of course around 40 is OK! )
It’s an easy and fun class.
I will teach you yoga using Japanese and English.
I will help you to have fun doing yoga , to make your body condition good and to make friends.

My class is constructed of a small number of people . (maximum 5 students)
So it is a comfortable and relaxing space.
You can learn effectively yoga in a way which suits you.

My studio is located near “OSAKA” “NAKASTU” station.
You can come to here about 4minute from “NAKASTU” ,15minute from “OSAKA” by walking.
Please check on my access pase.

I have been doing yoga for about 15 years and pilates for about 10 years.
I think that yoga is not a specific form that should be done the same for everyone, but instead it should be fun and effective for you personally.

We do easy yoga poses while thinking about  how to make your muscles and body condition feel good.
And it effectively shapes your body .
Let’s enjoy yoga together and make a healty body and mind .


Class Contents

Fascia release yoga class

Back tightening yoga class

Buttocks tightening yoga class

Stiff sholder improvement yoga class

aroma and relaxing yoga class

Legs tightening yoga class

Abdomen tightening yoga class

Blood circulation promotion and Fatigue improvement yoga class


Trial lesson : 1,500yen
Single class drop in: 3,000yen 
(cash only)
*tax not included


Megumi Hayashida 
I finished RYT(Registered Yoga Teacher in America)program at Yoga generation school in Japan.
I have been doing  yoga for about 15 years and pilates for about 10 years.
I have a yoga class at the pilates studio “Exflow”.
I have private yoga lesson too.
I have been growing  vegetables about for 10 years.

My favorite words
「I appreciate nature every day. The health of your body and mind is the most important thing in your life」


Please make a reservation on the reservation page or a contact page.
You can write your details on that form using English .